Food Bloggers must read this....

The title of the post of interest is "Illegal or Not?"
I found this killer blog on Foodbuzz.com and just had to share it with all you. It brings up a sticky subject in a very entertaining way.
Make sure you read through ALL the comments. They are just as entertaining as blog itself.
This blog has just found a subscriber for life.


melissa said...

So nice of you to post about this and thank you very much for the FoodBuzz request.

If your focus is fish, then you have a BIG fan in me. You won't see me post a lot about it since it's not my husband's favorite, but I would eat fish in some form every day if I could. :)

Mark by Chocolate said...

Funny thing is, I put restaurant reviews in my blog and not recipes simply because they are my own recipes and I need them for my business. Sometimes, I put in a recipe or two but it's rare.

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"The health benefits of eating fish, far out-weigh any risks of eating it"