Simple Grilled Swordfish

This is one of the easiest ways way to prepare Swordfish that will WOW your spouse and your guests.

Go to your local fishmonger and have him cut a few Swordfish Steaks about an inch to an inch and a quarter thick. Make sure you ask them to let you smell the fish before they package it up for you. Ensure it smells like the sea with just a hint of fish. If it smells overly "Fishy," ask them if they have something fresher. If you let your fishmonger know that you are not a naive shopper, he will appreciate it and always make sure that you get the best of what he has.

When you get the steaks unwrapped, place them on a cookie sheet. I can usually get enough juice and zest off from one lime to cover 2 - 3 steaks.
Take your lime and cut it in half. Squeeze juice of one half of the lime over the steaks. Before flipping the Swordfish over, take your zester or fine grater and grate just the green off of the lime over the flesh of the fish. Now, crush some coarse black pepper over the top. I use quite a bit. I love fresh pepper.
Flip Steaks over and do it all over again.
Grill them HOT HOT HOT! I pre-heat the grill to around 400 degrees. Before I put my steaks down, I oil the cooking surface with Canola oil to keep anything from sticking.
I like a little crust on mine, that is why I cook them so hot and fast. I love the way the grill marks look, so after about 2 minutes, I will turn them a quarter turn and continue cooking for another 2 minutes or so.
Flip them and do same as above.
Swordfish is very firm. Take a fork and stick one of the steaks right in the middle. Give the fork a little twist. It should (not always, though) flake. If not, pry it open a little and check for doneness (should be white all the way through). Remember though, it will continue to cook after you remove it from the heat. It will continue to cool for about 3 minutes off the heat.
Serve and enjoy!
Let me know how this works out for you. Furthermore, let me know you like to cook Swordfish, and I will be happy to post it for everyone to try.

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Val said...

Keep up the good work Randy! Blogging is not easy, and it seems that you know your fish. Definately good stuff!



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